Carlos Astaiza is a passionate artist born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. He moved to USA in 1996 and
currently resides in sunny Florida. His work is inspired by Latin American folklore, biodiversity, local culture and more.

Even though he likes different techniques such as Watercolor or Wood Pyrography, his main passion is Oil painting.

Carlos, has a college degree in Advertising and an Associate Degree in Fine Arts (Palace of Fine Arts, Medellín, Colombia) and has been working as a Graphic Designer and illustrator for many years. But now, his passion for art has finally taken over and he is starting a new adventure in the fine arts world.

Join him in his personal journey, share your thoughts or even ideas, he’ll love to hear from you.

Farmer's Pride
Oil on canvas,
24” W x 36” H. (Frame not included)

This artwork represents the strength, humility and endurance of the Colombian farmers.

Moving Day
Oil on canvas,
36” W x 48” H. (Frame not included)

A very unique tradition from the small towns of the coffee mountains. Since the 1950s in Antioquia, Colombia, there has been a tradition of moving all belongings from one house to the other on a very classic style, everything in the house has to fit in a Willis (Jeep). This curious idea became so popular then, that today, they even have a parade to honor this amazing creativity. And what a better way to pay tribute to it than putting it in a canvas.

Oil on canvas,
30” W x 40” H. (Frame not included)

The day is over, the sun is about to fall asleep. How many things would pass through your mind seating on the sand watching the sundown on the horizon?

Oil on canvas,
30” W x 40” H. (Frame not included)

The fact that women can do things that many men can’t even dream of, is what inspired the courage, bravery and freedom represented in this canvas.

Butterfly Garden
Oil on canvas,
36” W x 24” H. (Frame not included)

In this painting Carlos experiments with a technic heavy on the spatula. He wanted to represent the beauty of life when is driven by the blessing of freedom.

Caribbean Soul
Oil on canvas,
40” W x 30” H. (Frame not included)

This image captivated Carlos’s eyes and bring many warm memories of the land where he was born on. This canvas is a tribute to one of the most significant music styles from Colombia, from the Caribbean coast at the north of the country to be more exact, the Vallenato music.

Tom & Huck (Original SOLD)
24” W x 18” H. (Frame not included)

Tom and Huck is based on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer from 1876 novel by Mark Twain about a boy growing up along the Mississippi River. In the novel, Tom Sawyer has several adventures, often with his best friend Huckleberry Finn. Growing up, Carlos was artistically influenced by this story through the anime version in 1980 which he still likes today.

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